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Bidet (IB-1000)

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BIDET (IB-1000)

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A modern product which has been awarded Excellent Design, and paints an image of a dynamic sports car

This product creates an atmosphere in the bathroom that would allow a fresh start of the day, and the rear curve has been specially designed so that it can easily be installed in foreign toilet seats imported into Korea

[Twin Nozzle]

As the cleansing nozzle and the nozzle for women are separated, anyone can use it conveniently and hygienically

[Cleansing Location Adjustment]

The nozzle moves back and forth to adjust to the body type of the user.


As it moves the nozzle back and forth, not only does it increase the cleansing effect by cleansing every part in detail but also by strengthening the simulation to the anus and the female’s vagina, it provides a massage effect along with hydrotherapy effect, aiding in skin muscle and strengthening the immune

[Nozzle Auto Cleaning]

It cleans the nozzle before and after use, cleaning the substances left in the nozzle tunnel and the spraying par

[Sterilization Purifying Filter]

Cleansed water which has passed through the sterilization purifying filter has 99.9% sterilization, so it can be used without having to worry about germs. (Replacement Period : 6 months)

[Temperature Control]

The temperature of the sitting part of the toilet seat can be adjusted according to the interior temperature and the season

[Power Deodorization]

Due to the strengthened deodorization motor and deodorization filter, odors from the toilet set as well as the bathroom will disappear

[Soft Switch]

Thanks to the oil pressure type damper adjustment design, the toilet seat cover and the toilet bow cover closes slowly and softly, preventing damage from excess shock and reduces noise within the bathroom.

[Seating Sensor]

The product only functions when someone sits down, so unnecessary malfunctions due to children will be prevented.

[Electricity Saving Function]

When the bidet is not in use, it automatically reduces the temperature of the toilet seat to 25C and it maintains the warm water temperature at its minimum, minimizing the electricity usage

[Convenient Removal]

As it can be easily removed and installed, it can be removed when cleaning the toilet seat

[Braille Control Panel]

Each function has Braille indication so visually impaired people can conveniently use it

[Full Auto]

It is a function designed to allow cleaning and drying function consecutively. (Does not apply bidet function)

[Warm Wind Drying]

After cleansing, warm wind dries moisture. The drying temperature can be adjusted in 5 stages